Veronica Campbell

Executive Director

Hometown: Royal Oak, MI

Veronica loves that museums can be a catalyst of learning, experiences and gathering spots for communities. There is always something else to learn about and from history! Her favorite artifact is one of the Native American clay pots from the Port Huron area dated back over 1300 years! Outside the office, it’s all about family time- playing with her kids, taking the dogs for a walk or just visiting a local brewery!

Shelly David

Visitor Services Coordinator

Hometown: Port Huron, MI

Shelly started at the PHM as a volunteer, working on her Masters and our archives at the same time. She fills in at all of our sites, works on special projects, and programs. 

Charles Peters

Visitor Services Lead

Hometown: Ira, MI

Charles works at each of our sites and is a fan of all things history! He learns so much working at the Port Huron Museums. His favorite artifact is the Mickey Mouse child's rocking toy. In his free time, Charles likes to be with his family!

Mike Popelka

Special Projects

Hometown: Wisconsin

Mike has been at the Museum for over 17 years. Managing the Light Station is a great passion of his. 

Lauren Nelson

Fort Gratiot Light Station Lead & Museum Store Manager

Hometown: Homer, MI

Lauren loves the opportunity to learn something new every day, and share her passion for history with visitors. Her favorite artifact is some of the silver from the Eastland at the Carnegie Center, and when not being a lighthouse keeper, she can usually be found curled up with a cat and a good book.

Dave Dazer

Thomas Edison Depot Site Lead

Hometown: Port Huron, MI

Dave loves all of the twists and turns of history, and sees it as a real soap opera, complete with heroes and villains. His real passion is the entire Edison Depot. Growing up just a few blocks away, he was always amazed by the facts that one of the most famous people in world history grew up in the same neighborhood. When not at work, he can usually be found restoring antique phonographs, especially Edison models.

Kayla Wendt

Curator of Collections & Exhibits

Hometown: St. Clair, MI

Kayla likes museums since they are the perfect place to provoke important conversations about history, and our place in it. One artifact that stands out to her is the Flag that flew over Fort Gratiot in the 1870s. Outside of the museum, she enjoys dancing, teaching dance, playing flute and spending time with her family.

Emily Reitzel

Visitor Services Lead

Hometown: Clinton Township, MI

Emily started at the PHM as a volunteer while working toward her Masters in Library & Information Science with a focus in archival administration at Wayne State University, and would like to be an Archivist when she grows up! She loves working at the PHM because preserving and sharing history is her passion and she gets to help do that every day! Wheteher its working with the collection, helping set up exhibits, booking programs for visiting groups, or manning the front desk, she is able to provide access to the treasures here at the Museums. Outside of work, she spends most of her time with her face in a book, cooking, or playing Dungeons & Dragons with her friends.

Caitlyn Rodegeb

HR & Membership Manager

Hometown: Port Huron, MI

Caitlyn has helped to educate thousands of students through school programs over the years at the museum. She enjoys working with the kids as they come through on pioneer days, doing everything from candle dipping to pasta shell car assembly. It’s no surprise she loves the 1850 Kammer cabin. At home, she likes spending time with family, crocheting, reading, and her special bird babies.

Jerry Rome

HURON Lightship Site Lead

Hometown: Marysville, MI

Jerry’s passion is the Lightship Huron. He loves all of the artifacts on board, and getting to share his passion with others, especially his dedicated group of volunteers.

Lizzie Woods

Fort Gratiot Light Station Assistant Lead

Hometown: Port Huron

Lizzie loves working at the Fort Gratiot Lightstation and showing people from all over the world the amazing views of the Blue Water Area. WHen she isn't at work, she can usually be found practicing color guard routines, or even driving the Museum trolley!