Can’t come to us? We will come to you!

We have adapted several of our museum field trips to travel. All the fun of the museum in your classroom!

Pioneer Days
All the fun of the Log Cabin home brought to your classroom. Students explore what life was like for Michigan’s pioneers by dipping candles, creating a tin-punch craft, playing pioneer games, creating a quilt craft square, and journaling with a feather pen. Students will also make a tasty treat by hand-rolling ice cream.

Michigan Heritage Days* 
Students explore Michigan’s heritage with hands-on projects about local industries. They will participate in an assembly-line to produce a model car constructed out of macaroni, make paper from pulp, practice the method settlers used for rope-making, experience a Trading Post and design log marks from logging camps.

*Registration: Pioneer Days and Michigan Heritage Days run a total of 4 hours, 9:30am- 1:30pm, which includes an hour for lunch. This is a very popular program and fills up fast, so we recommend that you register as early as possible.

Magnetism in the Classroom 
Investigate the mysterious world of magnets by learning the basic properties of magnetism. Through research and experimentation, explore what materials are attracted to magnets, concepts of attraction and repulsion, and learn about magnetic fields.

Electricity in the Classroom 
Discover the mystery behind electricity as you create your own simple circuit. This program takes you though the difference between static electricity and current electricity. Enjoy a hair rising demonstration and try your hand at turning on a light bulb with only a battery and a wire.

School Assemblies 
The Port Huron Museum’s Education staff have created a number of programs great for groups of 30-300+ students. Please contact the museum for information on topics and pricing.

Have an Idea?
We are always looking for new program ideas. If there a topic you need to make a little more hands-on, we would love to hear from you.

Now Available: Online Booking Requests