Join us at one of our four sites for a hands-on interactive experience. The Port Huron Museum is proud to announce badge programs especially developed for Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts. The following workshops are currently available for booking.

Call us at (810) 982-0891 ext. 118 to schedule your program!


tiger_badgeTiger Tails (One hour program)
Port Huron Museum staff will lead you on a trip through time learn about tall tales, folk songs, and play pioneer games.
Fulfills: 1-3, 5, 6 *Please schedule a tour to meet requirement 7.
Location: Carnegie

Stories in Shapes (One hour program)
A little bit of creativity mixed with lots of fun! Create your own abstract art
using various shapes and colors.
Fulfills: 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B
Location: Carnegie

Council Fire (One and half hour program)
Honoring our community and country is a very important part of citizenry. Join the Port Huron Museum staff to learn why we should respect our community and how the area has changed over time.
Fulfills: 1, 2, 5 (3A partially met)
Location: Fort Gratiot Light Station

Digging the Past (One and half hour program)
Create your own dinosaur dig and learn about the various creatures that used
to live on Earth. Once you’re done, we’ll test your dinosaur knowledge.
Fulfills: 1-4
Location: Carnegie

bearSalmon Run (One and half hour per program)Learn the basics of swimming and boating safety, while gazing at Lake Huron. When you’re done, you’ll even know how to paddle properly!
Fulfills: 1-5, 8
Location: Fort Gratiot Light Station

Super Science (One and half hour per program)
Can you make pepper dance? It’s just one of the many colorful and “egg”-
citing experiments we’ll perform!
Fulfills: 1-6
Location: Depot

webelosArt Explosion (Two hours program)
Art can be created in many different ways. Explore the wide world of art while you create several interesting pieces of your own.
1, 2, 3B, 3C, 3E
Location: Carnegie

First Responders (Two hours program)
If an accident or injury occur in front of you, are you ready to help?
Be prepared in case an accident happens. Learn basic first aid and what to
do in an emergency.
1, 3, 4, 5 (2 and 6 partially met)
Location: Fort Gratiot Light Station



Home Scientist
Participate in many different science experiments to earn this badge. At the Port Huron Museum, you can make your own ice cream, create static electricity, learn why some things float and even whip up your own silly putty!

Become an inventor, just like Thomas Edison!  Come up with new ways to use common shapes, find a new way to solve problems, create your own invention and share it with your Brownie group at the Thomas Edison Depot Museum.

Making Games
Have fun earning your Making Games badge at your choice of our Museums!  Create a scavenger hunt at our Carnegie Center, make a mystery game at the Lighthouse or invent a new game at the Thomas Edison Depot. You’ll also create your own party game and change the rules on a classic.

Learn about hiking while taking in the scenic view of the Blue Water Area! Learn what it takes to be a great hiker and what gear you should always take with you, then take a trek along the waterfront to put your new skills to the test.



Learn what it takes to be a detective – from observation to solving a real mystery! We will make our own identity cards and even look at different types of evidence. Scouts will get an up close look at Morse code at the Thomas Edison Depot Museum.

Product Designer
Have you ever thought, “This would be so much better if only…”? This badge is your chance to explore what makes a great product, what could make it better and what your improved product may look like.  Use your imagination at the Carnegie Center.

Playing the Past
Scouts will take a step back in time and look at how pioneers lived, worked and played to earn this badge. Join us for this living-history party at the 1850’s Kammer log cabin outside the Port Huron Museum. Dress up, learn about pioneer chores and try some pioneer games.

Badge Workshops are available year round. Workshop times vary depending on the level of scouts and badge chosen. One pack or troop leader will be admitted free per group. Registration is required two weeks in advance.