Museum Announces Major Winter Project!

Caitlyn RodegebUncategorized

Since opening its doors to the public more than 50 years ago, tens of thousands of items have come into the Museum Collection. And it is now time to go through them all! This is why the Port Huron Museums Carnegie Center will be closing its doors to tour from January 20th to February 7th. During these weeks, the Museum staff and volunteers will be inventory, cataloging, cleaning and rearranging exhibits all in an effort to make the Museum more accessible to the public for the next 50 years. While the project is gargantuan in scale, having every item entered into a computer system with a bar code attached, telling artifact history and location will help the Museum better tell the Blue Water Area stories and preserve our shared cultural heritage. If you are interested in getting involved, there is something for everyone! From data entry, to painting and construction to plain old cleaning and polishing, it will take a real community effort to get this project done. To find out more, feel free to give the museum a call at 810.982.0891.