Four Bay Garage Complete!

The four bay garage (now the gift shop/visitor center) has been completely restored at the Fort Gratiot Light Station. The structure, built in 1938 to house vehicles and equipment, is the first on the property to be completely done to historical standards, both inside and out. Other structures are in various stages of renovation, depending on use. The original plan called for a 25 year project, based on available funding.

With the help of a +$15,000.00 grant match to St. Clair County Parks & Recreation Department, the work included new, historically correct windows & shutters, repairs to the original shake shingle siding and fresh paint. This grant match was provided by the Friends of the Fort Gratiot Light,  with the proceeds from SandFest, which are set aside for the specific purpose of site renovation and improvements.
There were also some enthusiastic volunteers that helped remove siding, scrape paint  and patch. Thanks to them, our contractors and PARC staff for this beautiful new structure.



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