D.B. Harrington

SSS DBH PCLThe D.B. Harrington, a narrow gauge small Porter 2-4-0 locomotive, was built in 1878 and is the oldest Porter locomotive in existence today. Since the beginning of its time, the D.B Harrington has traveled all over the state of Michigan to be used by multiple lumber companies until 1933. After being on display in Traverse City MI and Cedar Pointe Amusement Park, D. B. Harrington made the trip back home to the Port Huron Museum in 1990. The Port Huron Museum has teamed up with the River Walk to preserve this priceless piece of history. Through donations, which are continually welcomed, we hope to save a noteworthy relic in locomotive history.

Port Huron Museum has been working for the last year with a committee of dedicated volunteers to explore the possible exhibition of the D.B. Harrington locomotive and tender.