A Look Inside of History

FGHThe Port Huron Museum and the Fort Gratiot Hospital Heritage Committee will be opening the historic Fort Gratiot Hospital structure for public viewing during SandFest at the Fort Gratiot Light Station July 4-6.

Future plans are to create a medical/military museum honoring the fort, the physicians and the soldiers that served here from 1814-1879, including troops deployed from here for the Civil War.

While the building is far from finished, this special showing will allow visitors to see the original construction and beams, the fort history and various photographs and artifacts from the time it was active. There will be renderings of the original hospital and plans for the reconstruction as well as original artifacts from the Fort Gratiot.

There is no additional admission charge to view the hospital building, once you are on the grounds for SandFest. Exploration hours are from 10 am – 6 pm daily, Friday – Sunday. Donations will be accepted.


This is the oldest wooden structure in St. Clair County (1829) and was part of the original Fort Gratiot (1829-1879). It has a fascinating history including being a part of the fort and then divided into 2 separate residences for over 100 years. It was finally purchased by the Port Huron Museum and reunited in a foundation in Lighthouse Park, adjacent to the Light Station where it sat for almost 10 years, as interest and funding waned.

The project was re-started in fall 2012 when the structure was reinforced and again joined under one roof.  With generous individual donations, the addition of dormers and further improvements were completed this spring. These donations were enhanced by a $4,000 match grant in honor of Dr.  & Mrs. Thomas Bottomley, provided by the family.

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